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Green light driving school is a certified school in Two Mountains, specialized in driving courses for class 5. Our family business is committed to the success of its students. We offer ongoing monitoring with our clients to ensure that the concepts have been understood.

Our students are the most important person and our first priority is to help you obtain your license. Green light driving school offers driving course that will give you the best chance of success at the SAAQ driving test. Moreover, customer satisfaction is our priority.


As you know, driving courses are now mandatory in Quebec. Thus we have to think about the quality of the courses offered, the quality of the teaching staff and the availability offered by the driving school. We are committed to respecting the minimum time required by law to obtain your driving license. Our school is accredited by the SAAQ and our teachers are duly trained  (mandatary of the SAAQ) and their training is regularly updated.

Our school is certified and courses are provided by instructors having more than 10 years of experience.

To this end, they guarantee a pleasant and safe experience throughout your journey.

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Our schedules are adaptable to your needs and furthermore, Green Light Driving School can pick up students at school for their practical courses (on specific days).


We are delighted to help our customers and we provide specialized improvement course to students with learning difficulties.

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We offer a very competitive price.


We also offer winter driving courses and refresher courses on today's driving techniques and on the new regulations on driver’s safety.

Let our expert in driving help you on the road, book your session today!

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Passenger Vehicles (Class 5)


In order to obtain the permit, the student must take the compulsory theoretical
and practical courses and must pass in sequence a series of important steps.
In short, he must first obtain his learner's license, then his probationary license and
finally his "regular" driving license.
  • 24-hour theory course (12 theoretical modules of 2 hours in class) spread over
       4 phases alternating with driving course on the road.
  • Preparatory computer examination - similar to those of the S.A.A.Q
  • 15-hour, 55-minute practical driving class alternate with theory courses





Useful links



  • Parental Consent



  • Access to online exams Phase 1



  • Free Preparatory Examination of the S.A.A.Q 








You can also schedule your session ONE month before your 16th birthday!


Our planning is set according to your availability ... days, evenings and weekends!



Step 1: Get your learner's
Step 2: Get your probationary
Step 3: Get your regular driver's


Path and steps towards driving license



610 Chemin Oka
J7R 1L3 Deux-Montagnes

Registration on appointment.

We are open on appointment in the evening and weekends for registration.

 (450) 623-5558


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