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After 12 months of holding your learner's license, you will have the right to take the
practical exam at the SAAQ to obtain your probationary license after passing a
knowledge test . Upon which you can drive alone on the roads!

How to obtain your probationary license?

• Take the mandatory road safety education program, Phases 2-4, alternating with road trips.
• Phase 2 (Directed Driving) - 28 days minimum:
• Invite your attendant to attend Module 6.
• Phase 3 (Semi-directed driving) - 56 days minimum:
• You will have 2 formative practical evaluations at exits 5 and 10. Leave a few free weeks between phase 3 and phase 4 to allow you to ride with your guide.
• Phase 4 (Semi-directed to autonomous driving) - 56 days minimum:
• It is possible for you to complete your module 12, and this before the end of your 10 months of detention of your learner's license.
• Then pass your theoretical exam at the SAAQ.
• Exits 12 and 13 must be paired to make it a 2x55 minutes practice with 2 apprentice drivers in the vehicle. Each apprentice is in turn observer and driver.
Output 15 is a formative evaluation and a synthesis output. It must be done at the end of the course program.
• Take your practical exam at the SAAQ.
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